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Fluorescent Lamps

Pre-Heat Start Fluorescent Lamps

Pre- heat start lamps use a " start switch " which operates only at the moment the lamp is switched on to pre-heat the cathodes. The use of this starter permits more economical ballast designs. Of all fluorescent lamps this is the most economical type with long life, high lumen output and low initial cost.

Straight Type

These are used for general illumination purposes and are available in 4 to 40 watts. They can be used with colour differences and shades.

Colored lamps are also available for decorative purposes.

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Circular Type

The modern round shape of the TOSHIBA " CIRCLINE " lamps is the basis, for many unique illumination applications. " CIRCLINE " is also available as a table lamp or chandelier and it can be used in conjunction with incandescent lamps as well.

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Three Band Phosphor Type Fluorescent Lamps

With 3 types of phosphor colored blue, green and red, color performance (the way that the color looks) is vastly improved and color is reproduced vividly.

Color performance, where the quality of light has become luxuriant, is obtained by these lamps with the ideal conditions to meet your needs for high quality, authenticity and nature.

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FHF Lamps(T8 Rapid start energy-saving)

FHF lamps achieves maximized energy efficiency by operation with T8 rapid start ballast or electronic ballast. Both convectional and three band type are available with 2 sizes and 3 colors for any kinds of applications, including offices , conference rooms, stores and schools.

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Chinese Catalogue

Rapid Start Fluorescent Lamps

Rapid start lamps use a rapid start circuit ballast to start within one or two seconds. There is no starter so maintenance is easier Toshiba makes rapid start lamps, the new Neoline Rapid-Master.

FLR40S./M The new lamps, have a built-in starting aid, an inner transparent electrically conductive film.

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High Output Fluorescent Lamps-Rapid Start (FLR-H)

TOSHIBA High output Lamps are of the rapid start type 110 watts. These high output lamps provide a light output 3 times that of a general 40 watts lamp. High output lamps are most suitable for places where concentrated bright illumination is required.

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T5 Circline Neo-Slim

Neo Slim provides a space saving to OEM fixture makers and dramatic savings to the end-user. Fixture makers can now greatly reduce the size and depth of their fixture that Neo Slim lamp diameters have been reduced by almost 50% (when compare to conventional T9 circlines). In addition to saving space for future designs, Neo Slim provides higher energy saving... ranging from 85-95 lumens/watt...making Neo Slims the most efficient circlines made.

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Super Daylight Fluorescent Lamps

Fresh Light With an overflowing cool-rays. You can create a fresh space with Super Daylight under the color temperature at 12,000 kelvin or 9,000 kelvin.

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Color Lamps

7 colors variation (Red, Deep red, Bright red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Deep Yellow) provides attractive colorful decoration in shops, restaurants, festivals or special events.

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Chinese Catalogue

All Catalogues are in Adobe Reader format.

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